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Norms in regard to sexual behavior cannot be looked at with our Western understanding of sexual identity as many cultures, both past and present, do not create categories based on the same things we do. Beyond this, the Ancient Egyptians did not seem to be terribly shy about sex. Their mythology relies heavily on sexual themes, and there are many possible coded messages and euphemisms about sex riddled within the art itself. Less crudely made, the infamous Turin Erotic Papyrus shows scenes of either animals or humans in various sexual acts and positions.
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Ancient Egyptian Alcohol: Beer, Wine and the Festival of Drunkenness

Drunvalo is the author of five books. And that if the energy of an orgasm would be harnessed in the right way, it would become a source of infinite pranic energy and thus lead to eternal life. According to ancient traditions such as the Hindu, Tibetan Tantra and Taoist the orgasmic energy moves up the spine and out the top of the head. In a few rare cases, the sexual energy is released down the spine into the hidden center below the feet, the point opposite the one above the head. It is similar to discharging a battery into a ground wire.
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Sex Pottery of Peru: Moche Ceramics Shed Light on Ancient Sexuality

What was the sex like back then? What about for Egyptians? People in the Middle Ages? Obviously history only started being physically recorded after a certain point.
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A women who had children was seen to be more fortunate than ones without. Taking after Isis , the mother goddess of Horus, Egyptian women strove to be intelligent, wise, mystical and mothers. Where her twin sister Nephthys was barren, Isis was fertile. In the Egyptian community, men had to prove their masculinity by fathering children, while the women had to be able to bear these sons and daughters. Being a mother meant being able to keep her marriage secure and to gain a better position in society.
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