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Weird Genital Warts Treatment Easy treatment you can do at home, works in days, costs almost nothing. By the way, if you want the straight facts on genital warts and HPV that my main page does not cover, please click the following link: If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. This is a basic drawing of where genital warts tend to be and what they tend to look like. Below are more pictures and actual photographs:
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Penis problems

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Spots On The Penis | STD Symptoms in Men - fireladyproductions.com

Sex and flat warts Genital Warts: Sizes and Shapes They can appear in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Some look like finger-like tiny protrusions that stick out of the skin. A majority of genital warts appear in clusters of a number of smaller warts, forming a mass that looks like cauliflower. Some appear as flat genital warts that might not be immediately apparent to you. Flat genital warts may appear as discolored or pearly blotches.
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