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A podcast is an audio or video file that can be viewed or listened to via the internet. It’s like having your own radio or television show. Podcasts are a great way to get your message out. They express volumes more than a print ad or article can do alone, and are an excellent addition to your marketing strategy. They are more fun, more personal, and more informative than other marketing vehicles. They last forever!


We announce each podcast via email to the glass industry, including the membership of the ISGB and GAS. There are hot links from the announcement to the podcast.  The podcasts are hosted on a number of websites, including iTunes, which gives you a potential global market of millions of listeners. There’s just no better way to reach your target market!


Sponsor a Podcast!

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COST:  $125 per Episode

6 Insertion Special:   $500

12 Insertion Discount: $1000

6x & 12x Sponsors Will Be Featured in a

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It’s An Infomercial about YOU!


  1. 60 seconds of audio announcement within each podcast, featuring your business, sales and other activities. We can even help you write it....

  2. A clickable hot link from within the podcast itself to your website.

  3. A text announcement  & sponsor         “thank you” which appears wherever the podcast is hosted...

  4. A hot link and “thank you” in the email announcing the podcast release, sent to over 2,500 members of the glass industry.



CONTACT US at firelady@gate.net

PODCAST ADS ARE ETERNAL!!!  They last FOREVER! The podcasts are archived, so they can always be seen and heard.  The podcasts are optimized to be picked up via search engines like Google.

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what’s a podcast?


Podcast fans are a fantastic audience for advertisers to reach, according to a new report from Edison Research and the Association for Downloadable Media (ADM).

Podcast fans are well off financially, they pay attention to ads in podcasts, they’re hard to reach with traditional advertising and they are 6 times as likely to “enjoy” the ads in podcasts as consumers of traditional media.

In other words – people that can afford to turn away from “interruption” style advertising are doing so, and opt-in podcasts are one of the few ways to connect with them.

Highlights of the Podcast Consumer Attitudes study include:

  1. Podcast fans are significantly more affluent than the    general  population.

  2. Podcast fans are rapidly tuning away from traditional media and “interruption” advertising models.

  3. 37% of video podcast users and 31% of audio podcast users say they *enjoy*  the advertising in podcasts. By comparison, only 6% say the same of TV and radio.

  4. Over 70% of active podcast listeners are receptive to sponsorship messages in podcasts.

Podcast fans could prove to be the ultimate audience for many advertisers.


We’ll happily produce a podcast for you about your business. This is a production service for your own independent use. This is not a Glasscaster podcast. We will create a show that you can promote independently wherever you need it. A cost effective marketing tool. Contact us to find out more!

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