Founded in 1597 by Christoph Müller & Hans Griener Schwab, this magical mountain village is home to one of the most inspiring glass traditions in the world.

Where else on earth would you find a real, live Glass Princess? Only Lauscha! With just over 4,000 residents, Lauscha has been the birthplace of a number of important glass techniques.

This historic hamlet is where the first glass Christmas ornament was blown. A cottage industry quickly ensued, and entire families have been engaged for generations, creating ornaments enjoyed worldwide. Every winter the townspeople celebrate Kugelmarkt, a snowy outdoor festival where people come from all over the world to buy Lauscha’s sparkling Christmas ornaments!

Many of the local artists are carrying on father-to-son traditions that have endured for over four hundred years!

Lauscha is where montage originated, one of the most difficult and precise flameworking techniques.  Another local specialty is the making of glass eyes for humans, dolls, teddy bears and taxidermists!

Farbglashütte Lauscha, “the Color Glass Factory” has been hand-pulling legendary glass rods and tubes for over 150 years, providing glass artists everywhere with color combinations and specialty glasses that are of unparalleled quality.

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A Glass Lover’s Paradise

Nestled in the Thüringen mountains, Lauscha is the home of some of the world’s finest glass traditions. We’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming the liaison between East & West. Want to learn more about Lauscha? Contact us!

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